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A passionate photographer since forever, and a full-time professional since 2011, I was born and raised in Paris, France, but started speaking English at just six years old. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish, with enough to communicate in Italian, and know the basics in many languages including LSF (French Sign Language), Polish and Japanese.

​I am self-taught and have learnt everything about photography by becoming best friends with my camera. I understand both natural light and artificial studio light and I combine my technical knowledge with a personal touch. My aim is to capture people's essence and emotions, and I am proud to reach my goal with every new client.


Always joyful, I fill my images with humour, energy and creativity to make lifetime memories, masterpieces, stories that I tell.

From happy experiences to hard times, life has taught me ways to get the best out of people by understanding them, gaining their confidence and making them laugh - key to creating the best portraits and memories.


​I have lived in London for many years, and also in Spain, but in 2013 decided to come back to my home town and first love, Paris, where I launched my photography business in 2014. Since then I have proudly won several photography competitions (TimeOut/Metro, WPO). I love portraits, couples and family photoshoots as much as weddings, events and concerts, and try to vary my work as much as possible.. Some days I can spend the morning making sweet memories of a newborn, and then the afternoon interviewing a heavy metal band. Priceless!

I welcome you to my studio, in a beautiful 1929 Art Deco style building, located in my favourite neighbourhood, the fantastic area of Montmartre. I love taking my clients around my beloved Paris but I can also meet you anywhere else - I am happy to board a train or a plane for your photoshoots or events in France, Europe or the rest of the world (#absolutefavourites).

A bientôt. See you soon!


There is more about me and what brought me to becoming a professional photographer here!


Welcome to my World!

If you would like to discover some backstage videos and images of me at work, please click below!

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